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The IMB's Logo

It would be appreciated if you could put an active link to IMB International Modelers Book in your pages. Please feel free to use the following image and the associated HTML code.

Member of IMB International Modelers Book

This HTML code, will get Imb's logo image directly from this web site. If you prefer you can also:
- copy the logo image and store it on your web server;
- copy the HTML code from the text box and paste it into the approprate place in your page HTML code;
- update your image source tag using your server's address, as follow: ( <img src="/(your directory that contains the image file)/imb_member_logo.gif" border="0" alt="Member of IMB International Modelers Book"> )

You are also welcome to add the following quick search form in your web site to allow the visitors to search the database of IMB International Modelers Book.

IMB International Modelers Book
This is the HTML code for the search form:

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